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The demand for cable products such as Fiber Optic, Coaxial, LAN, UTP, HDMI, and others has rapidly increased in recent times, in line with the growing need for cable products with technologies that can tranfer data at higher speeds. This is essential to support various evolving activities across different fields. “SKM Cable” has been established since 2021 with a commitment to provide these high-quality cable products and exceptional service standards, aimed at fulfilling the requirements for diverse activities in this ever-developing landscape.


In accordance with the company’s vision, mission, and core principles, “SKM Cable” is committed to consistently delivering high-quality cable products at competitive prices, thereby catering to all market segments in Indonesia. We continuously engage in innovative developments of our cable products, in alignment with our steadfast principles, to meet the evolving market expectations over time.

We acknowledge that the process of digitization across all sectors of business and transaction activities, which have traditionally relied on analog data transfer systems, is inevitable in transitioning to digital systems. Consequently, the demand for cables such as Fiber Optics, LAN, UTP, and others is expected to surge in the coming years. This includes the growing need for cable usage in security system-supporting industries like hospitals, hotels, apartments, office buildings, shopping centers, factories, residential complexes, airports, seaports, commercial areas, and more.

Beyond our primary focus on sourcing quality cables for our distributors across Indonesia and existing system integrators (SI), we also provide Fiber Optic cable installation services nationwide. This is in line with our commitment to offer comprehensive services to all our customers and associates.

In conclusion, on behalf of the management and all employees of the company, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for the immense support and substantial backing from all our stakeholders throughout this journey. The trust bestowed upon us serves as a driving force to continually enhance our services in the times to come.


Our Distribution network has spread across Indonesia.